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Tooth Extraction in Dallas, TX

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About Tooth Extractions

When a tooth is causing extreme pain, discomfort, or infection, the tooth may be failing or damaged past repair and might require a dentist to extract the tooth. An extraction may be performed in an emergency following a trauma or injury or the extraction may be planned to prevent a problem, such as having the wisdom teeth extracted to discourage an impaction. A simple extraction may be performed if the tooth is visible above the the gums, while a surgical extraction is needed if the tooth has not erupted past the gumline. To help every patient in determining if they need a simple or surgical extraction, our dentists at Preston Hollow Dental Care in Dallas, TX will take digital X-rays and use a physical exam to understand any problems.

What to Expect

For a simple extraction, a local anesthesia is usually given to numb the gums, then our dentists work the tooth loose and remove the full tooth out of the jaw. Our dentists will carefully separate the tooth from the gums and ligaments, and then our dentists will clean and close the tooth socket. For a surgical extraction, the patient may be given local anesthesia plus sedation or the patient is knocked out with general anesthesia. To remove the tooth, our dentists will surgically cut through the gums and bone. In some cases, our dentists will cut the tooth into pieces for easier removal. Once the tooth is removed, the empty socket will be cleaned and stitched together.

Treatment Aftercare

Following an extraction, a blood clot will usually form in the socket of the extracted tooth, which the patient needs to keep clean and watch for signs of an infection. Our dentists may recommend over-counter pain relievers to treat any discomfort following the procedure or our dentists may prescribe painkillers. Patients will usually follow a soft food or liquid diet for at least one day after the extraction. Patients should be careful cleaning their mouth to prevent disturbing the socket as it heals. The gums and bone usually start to heal 1 - 2 weeks following the extraction, but it can be up to six months until the mouth is fully healed.

Insurance Coverage

If the extraction is a medical necessity, most or part of the expenses will usually be paid by dental insurance. The coverage may vary depending on whether it is a surgical or simple extraction, so Preston Hollow Dental Care will confirm the patient's insurance benefits and personal cost. Preston Hollow Dental Care in Dallas, TX offers a few financing plans and our dentists take many payment methods.

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Remove and Restore

Whether you want your wisdom teeth removed or if you require an emergency tooth extraction after a trauma or injury, please contact Preston Hollow Dental Care in Dallas, TX to learn more about your extraction options. Our dentists can perform surgical or simple extractions to improve your oral health.

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