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Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Dallas, TX

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About Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide gas goes by many names, including laughing gas, inhalation sedation, and happy gas. Its most popular use is to tranquilize patients for a brief time throughout dental procedures. At Preston Hollow Dental Care in Dallas, TX, our dentists administer this colorless, odorless gas to ease any anxiety for the patient while having a procedure and to help them relax. Our dentists can control the amount of gas administered to the patient. Because nitrous oxide gas is a conscious sedation method, the patient will not fall asleep, but they will feel relaxed. The patient is awake enough to hear our dentists and perform any directions throughout the procedure.

What to Expect

Oxygen is usually added to the nitrous oxide gas for safer effects. Our dentists will start the sedation by placing a hood on top of the patient’s nose that will be consumed when the patient breathes normally. The patient will start to feel light-headed within a few minutes when the nitrous oxide goes into effect. The patient may then start to notice a tingling sensation (usually in the arms and legs) or a warm, pulsating feeling through their body. When at its full effect, the nitrous oxide gas will make the patient experience euphoria and allow our dentists to complete the procedure without any discomfort for the patient. The nitrous oxide will be used as long as it is needed, and the gas can be turned off and on by our dentists depending on the patient’s needs.

Treatment Aftercare

Once the nitrous oxide is stopped, its effects will leave the body in minutes. The patient will experience no long-term effects and they are able to take themselves home after the procedure. There are usually no lasting negative reactions caused by nitrous oxide when used for sedation, but some patients may experience slight stomach trouble. To avoid stomach trouble, the patient is advised to have a light meal before their procedure at Preston Hollow Dental Care.

Insurance Coverage

The dental insurance payment of nitrous oxide sedation will vary based on the purpose for use. If sedation is needed for a certain procedure, it's usually paid at least partly by the patient’s insurance plan. If the nitrous oxide is requested by the patient to help with anxiety or fear, the insurance company may not pay the cost for sedation. The front office of Preston Hollow Dental Care in Dallas, TX will check with the patient’s insurance company to determine their insurance benefits and out-of-pocket costs. Preston Hollow Dental Care takes several forms of payment and helps to join patients to financing options.

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A Laughing Matter

When you schedule an appointment, be sure to learn more about nitrous oxide gas sedation for your visit to Preston Hollow Dental Care in Dallas, TX. Whether it is a regular cleaning or a longer treatment, our dentists will explain your sedation options and answer any questions you may have about nitrous oxide. Please contact Preston Hollow Dental Care today to plan your appointment to find out more regarding your sedation dentistry choices.

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