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The Reasons Fluoride Treatments Could Help Your Tooth Enamel

fluoride and teeth

Present in a number foods and beverages, fluoride is characterized as a mineral that possesses numerous dental benefits. This mineral improves the enamel's framework and the teeth defend against decay. Fluoride also is good for patients with developing or damaged teeth and can address tiny regions of decay that have just established. Preston Hollow Dental Care offers effective fluoride treatments for our Dallas, TX clients to improve their dental wellness, regardless of their age.

Typically, fluoride is essential for small children in between 6 months and 16 years, as this period is when a lot of the adult teeth come in. However, adults may benefit from fluoride services too. At our office in Dallas, TX, we know that fluoride is as critical in enhancing baby teeth as they are in fighting tooth decay.


Many features of fluoride have a good impact on the enamel, like:

  • Curbing the absence of minerals in the enamel
  • Decreasing the development of and addressing early
  • Preventing harmful buildup
  • Reinforcing compromised enamel

Fluoride is commonly found in water and in minor amounts in particular foods. Even though your enamel is frequently exposed to fluoride in the food and water you eat and drink, it's hard to receive a substantial quantity of fluoride from food and water alone.


Applying fluoride to the enamel could be carried out using two methods: external or internal. Topical placement helps individuals of many ages; meanwhile, internal distribution is better for kids because their adult teeth are growing underneath the gum tissues. At Preston Hollow Dental Care, dental fluorosis applications are conducted twice-yearly after a professional cleaning and evaluation. The cleaned teeth are then dried, and the fluoride is distributed and left on the enamel for a maximum of four minutes at a time. To make sure that the varnish completely penetrates the enamel, you could be told not to consume food or drinks or smoke cigarettes for a minimum of 30 minutes after your oral fluorosis session.

Fluoride is also ingested in sources of water. When it's consumed, the fluoride travels along your body and the teeth strengthen. Kids who ingest water with a small amount to virtually no fluoride may require a prescription to help their teeth form correctly.


All individuals need a varying amount of fluoride based on their likelihood of developing cavities. If you keep up with a great home-based dental hygiene regimen and steer clear of sweet and acidic food and liquids, your likelihood for developing cavities could be lessened. When it comes to young ones, when a large quantity of fluoride is absorbed, teeth may be furrowed or discolored. This is known as enamel fluorosis and will cause little white streaks or spots on the teeth. While it’s not ultimately harmful, it may result in the need for aesthetic dental services.

Adults who take in a large amount of fluoride may be more vulnerable to sensitivity or bone breaks, occasionally known as skeletal fluorosis. This can potentially cause pain and damage to various bones and joints. When you’re curious about your fluoride levels, reach out to our professional team in Dallas, TX.


Preston Hollow Dental Care offers dental fluoride treatments for our patients. Our skilled dental care experts may perform a detailed oral evaluation to figure out if fluoride treatments are right for you. In the end, the advantages of fluoride are wonderful for many individuals as it strengthens your enamel along with lessening your odds of having tooth decay. To discover more about dental fluorosis services, or to arrange a consultation at our Dallas, TX office, contact our professional team as soon as you can.


Fluoride is beneficial for oral health because:

  • It slows down mineral loss (demineralization) from tooth enamel

  • It remineralizes weakened tooth enamel

  • It reverses any early signs of tooth decay

  • It prevents harmful oral bacteria growth

When bacteria break down sugar and carbs in your mouth, acid is produced that eats away at the minerals within your tooth enamel. Weakened tooth enamel makes your teeth more vulnerable to harmful bacteria that can later cause cavities.

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